SSssssssssss... err, I mean, hello! Iím Dusty! And this is my package. I mean pack. And no, this site is not Internet Explorer compatible. And no, it's not going to be. Sorry but I just don't have the patience! In fact, I am currently only testing this on Firefox.

Into the seriousness!

The current state of the pack(as of 11.13.2010) is unfinished. If you still want to check it out(which I hope you do... Sssssss......) just go ahead and click on me. Anywhere. I don't judge. Now onto the wooing!

What does this pack mean for you? Well it is considered a "hi-definition" texture pack. The good news is that you get more delicious pixels packed into the already yummy package that is Minecraft. The bad news is that Notch currently doesn't want to officially support higher resolution packs. Sssss... I'll be paying him a visit soon. This causes a various degree of bugs from buggy fire graphics, non-animated water, glitchy 3D rendered items to... well, this isn't exactly selling the pack. I will include all known bugs in the installation section.

Besides just terrain textures getting a revamp, the intention is to give every graphic a new and original graphic. This means new graphics for items, armor, HUD... even my friends the Creepers have a custom skin!

That's all I have to say for right now I guess that isn't getting into the technical stuff. I hope you at least try the pack out and maybe even actually enjoy it and want to keep using it! Maybe if enough people pester Notch he will finally give higher resolutions some love.